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Video and Audio systems for Drive-in Events

BGLX offer the full range of Video and Audio systems for Drive-in Events, from cinemas to raves!

BGLX have been successfully delivering video and audio systems for Pop Up Cinemas for a number of years, including the Floating Cinema in Albert Dock and the Cult Cinema Nights at the Baltic warehouse. As drive-in events across the England are now allowed, event organisers are jumping at the chance to modify this idea to fit the new restrictions. It’s not all about cinemas though!

Floating Cinema on the Albert Dock, Liverpool

We have everything you need

Utilising various methods depending on the set up and timings of the shows, BGLX can use high resolution LED video wall both indoors and outdoors; or a range of projectors and screens to really set the mood for your screening.

Why limit yourself to vintage films?

As we head into a summer where social distancing is forcing the whole event industry to rethink their strategies, why stop with film screenings? Any performance that takes place on a stage can be transferred to the drive-in model. With festivals cancelled left right and centre, ticket holders are crying out for alternatives.

Party all day with an in-car disco

Whether it’s live music or comedy shows, it can all be broadcast over screens and FM transmission. Imagine the classic Silent Disco but instead of a dancefloor filled with headphone laden revellers – in-car raves! We can drive to your venue, set up multiple DJ or band set ups with dedicated or shared screens to see the action live, as well as full lighting packages to really set the mood. Each car can then choose who to tune into throughout the event. This makes all-day entertainment easier to deliver rather than limiting yourselves to after-dark shenanigans. All of our live streaming capabilities can be utilised to enhance your screened output and interact with your crowd through Twitter walls.

Comedy/Theatre/Product Launch/Cookery Demos?!

Whatever the event that you are planning, we can help with the video and audio systems for drive-in events. No two events are the same, which is why BGLX have a reputation of being flexible, reliable and trustworthy.

Offering all aspects of the tech, from power and lighting to audio and video production. We are capable of delivering the same high production values that you’d expect, straight to your car!

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