Robe LED Beam 150 and Panasonic RZ970 Projectors

A major investment for BGLX just before Christmas sees some exciting and brand new products added to BGLX Production Services arsenal.

Just before we break for the Christmas holidays, BGLX invest in Robe LED Beam 150 and Panasonic RZ970 Projectors ahead of an expected busy 2019.


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Panasonic RZ970 Price

Robe LED Beam 150 price

The investment in lighting is long overdue, as the company have been committing a lot of time and money investing in the last two years to growing their now extensive stock of PA and Video systems. It is now the turn of lighting!

The Robe LED 150 Beams are the first part in the lighting plan for 2019, as BGLX look to offer more rider friendly lighting packages to attract more custom from the touring and festival market, as well as being able to offer new and exciting designs for our corporate event production. The incredibly small fixture offers unparalleled speed in its head movement, and a 3.8 degree to 60 degree zoom, makes it a very useful and versatile unit. The impressive 7x30w RGBW LED Chips give this fixture a lot of punch, from a pencil thin beam up to a wide and even wash, the colours and power of the fixture are great!

The Panasonic RZ970 Projectors are a high definition laser projector offering a high quality image and long-lasting reliability. These projectors mean that BGLX can offer better quality images with a more versatile projector. And with them being a solid shine laser light source, a more reliable solution to corporate production. The rental fly frames on the projectors allow for stacking, meaning hot backups, or blends are possible, multiple flying solutions, including the possibility of portrait hanging meaning even more complex and impressive designs.
BGLX have selected the ET-DLE085 lens, for a 0.8-1:1 option as well as the standard lens option.

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See the Robe Product Demo below:


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