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LED Up Lighters to hire for Events

BGLX provide LED up lighters to hire for Events, Weddings and Corporate functions in Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester and beyond!

LED up lighters to hire are the best way to transform your venue into a colourful event space. All of our stock of up lighters are LED based, meaning that they are energy efficient, low to zero heat, and can produce hundreds of colour combinations.

For Events, LED up lighters can add the extra wow factor to your chosen event space, highlighting features of the architecture, showcasing signage and infographics and generally set the mood of the event!

Weddings are what LED up lighters were made for! The near endless options in colour choices mean that the whole venue can be dressed to match your colour scheme. Adding sparkle to your big day is easier than you think, with BGLX, our professional technicians deal with the delivery, set up and collection therefore taking away all the stress and worry.

Holding a Corporate Function? Our lighting can perfectly match your companies branded colour scheme to fully represent your brand from lighting the entrance as guests arrive, to reflecting the chosen colours on the stage set. Ask us about our Full Event Production where we provide everything technical you need for the event.

Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester, it doesn’t matter where you are! BGLX cover the whole of the UK with very reasonable delivery rates on either dry hire or a full set up.

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What we offer:

LED Batten, we offer the Lanta Aurora LED Bar 1000, which is waterproof, powerful and versatile. The baton varies from the other fixtures in the list, as it is a long strip of light, firing a 1m wide beam up the surface. Couple the fixtures together to have a continuous width of light, great for a back drop or stage set. Also great for lighting the outsides of the building, to impress guests on arrival.

Wireless Up lighters, The Colourpoint Core Mini. The Core Mini is an incredibly beautiful fixture, battery powered, and wireless. It can go anywhere! Depending on the colour and brightness, the Core Mini can last up to 12hrs of colourful light. They are also IP rated, meaning they can happily go outside.

Par Cans, a powerful, plug in option would be the Martin Rush Par 1. A tight 20degree beam throws exceptional colour up walls, pillars and buildings. The Red, Green, Blue and White LED’s in the fixture are able to produce over 3.65million colours on the visible spectrum!

For that extra touch, and to really wow your guests when the party heats up, why not chose the Robe LED Beam 150. A moving head, with incredible zoom capabilities. From a 3degree beam, to a 60degree wash, the compact fixture makes an incredible up lighter. Then as the you enter the later stages of the event, the mover can do its thing! Adding extraordinary moving beams through the air as well as washing walls with incredible colour! Couple the fixture with a small truss tower to really maximise it’s potential.

Open a discussion today about LED Up Lighters to Hire, and see how BGLX can light up your event!
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