Famous First Words

Famous First Words enlist BGLX Production Services to deliver their iconic entertainment experience.

A new live music experience created and hosted by Tim and Gendle

BGLX have had the pleasure of helping produce Famous First Words for a few years now since the iconic duo Tim and Gendle formed the idea and first trialed it in a Dalston Pub in London.

Tim and Gendle formed the new music experience and turned it into the very successful, ‘go to’ event of the year!

We have provided everything from engineers to tour the country with FFW right up to the full production for their corporate clients in some exceptionally cool spaces.

“The format is simple; singing the first line of well known song is all it takes to become a legend. ‘Everyone knows classic songs when they start playing but the jeopardy lies in how successfully they are able to impress the tough judging panel with getting the correct words, in time and with conviction. It’s easier said than done’ said co-creator Gendle.”

The event is an absolute experience, not to be missed, even for our sound techs who attend every show. Each playlist is different, therefore every show has its quirks and comic value keeping it fresh!

Have a look below at a small selection of pictures from the many events BGLX have helped produce.

These guys are the best! The sound is always impeccable and their attention to detail is fantastic. I’ve used them for all different kinds of gigs and they always deliver!

Adam Gendle, Creator

The Techy Bit

Below, a few bits of kit, common to Famous First Words:

Digico S21, D-Rack and Little Red Box monitor split, a versatile desk and quick set up time makes it perfect for the show. It is also compact, therefore it will fit into any space!
D&B Audiotechnik E12’s or Y7P’s, with B6 Subs
D&B Audiotechnik M6 Monitors on stage

Robe LED Beam 150 are great for FFW, the zoom feature allows for striking beams and great air effects, but then creates an even wash to light the stage or the audience.
Showtec Expression 33000 Zoom, moving head. Again, the zoom function allows for great effects. With its RGBWA LEDS, the 33000 Zoom fixture creates the perfect wash for even the biggest spaces.
Colourpoint Core Mini’s, when space is tight, even adding a few of these wonderful battery powered, mini up lighters can enhance any space!

Panasonic RZ970 Full HD Laser projectors, add the perfect backdrop to the show. With their Neon themed logo, the powerful Laser projector delivers it brilliantly!

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