Core Lighting, Colourpoint Mini

Core Lighting, Colourpoint Mini

Core Lighting, Colourpoint Mini

BGLX are pleased to announce the purchase of the Core Lighting, Colourpoint Mini, wireless battery up lighters!  We have invested in 2 boxes of 6 Wireless DMX, battery powered mini uplighter’s with the view of further investment in the future.

The Colourpoint Mini packs a powerful punch, able to up light up to two storeys. The fixtures have a full charge of 8-12 hours and all while being fully weather proof to IP65. The UK based manufacture says “[Core Lighting was] Founded in 2008 to design and manufacture bright, weatherproof and robust wireless LED lighting products, Core Lighting continues to innovate to meet customer demands for quality wireless LED lighting.”

The Colourpoint Mini is the first of many investments in the Lighting department for BGLX. With plans to renew all our moving lights, update our LED stock and improve our carbon footprint, by using fewer generic lanterns.

How the Mini Up light: ColourPoint Battery Powered LED Wireless Uplighter can be used:

  • As an individual stand-alone unit.
  • To set a solid colour of your choice, or create a rolling fade between colours at the speed of your choice.
  • Receiving commands as a ‘slave’ from a ColourPoint unit set as a ‘master’, with the ‘master’ unit giving instructions to the others.
  • To set all units to receive instructions from an external DMX lighting desk, via Wireless Solution wireless DMX
  • New RGBW LED technology for excellent colour-mixing.
  • Charge from mains supply in a 6 or 12-way flight case.
  • Mounted on truss as a PARCAN light to create down lighting.

BGLX found the Core Lighting from using Adlib Audio’s stock, and were just so impressed with the light, powerful and versatile fixture that we knew it would be a sound investment.

Get in touch today if you would like a demo, or hire of the new Colourpoint Mini!

Mini Uplight: ColourPoint Battery Powered LED Wireless

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