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BGLX adapt their approach to Outside Broadcasting for the new norm.

Providing multicam productions, as well as graphics and advert production for Zoom meetings, BGLX adapt their approach to Outside Broadcasting for the new norm.

You don’t need us to tell you that the last few months have been crazy. As the world adapts to the “new normal”, here at BGLX, we are adapting too. While the nation has been locked down, we are busy building our awesome new OB truck which is ready to help you deliver your next event, anywhere! More updates to follow.

Baltic Market 12 Hour Bank Holiday Music Festival raising funds for the NHS

Our team can come to your venue with our fully equipped production studio on wheels. We will mix your event and livestream to multiple platforms all while adhering to strict social distancing measures. We have the ability to run multiple camera systems as well as mixing broadcast audio for live streaming.

The team can run cameras and audio feeds on looms to the van, to make a quick and easy set up linking your venue and event to the outside world. Utilising advanced 4g networks, we can even supply the entire up link independently.

Digital branding helps make this more than just another Zoom call

We have a variety of ways in which you can add branding into your broadcast with overlaid graphics and advert integration. Features like Twitter walls can help keep interaction with your audience the heart of your broadcast.

In addition to this, some of our clients have taken to online versions of their shows like Famous First Words, where we have incorporated video files and graphics into Zoom meetings in order to continue the high level of production that their guests expect.

Recent broadcasts – Baltic Market

Over the May Bank Holiday, the Baltic Market would have previously been a huge party destination so this year we helped them deliver that same fun in a different format. The idea was to bring together all the house bands and DJs from the venue to deliver 12 hours of free live music for all the punters who would have attended in person.

Birds eye view of the multi-cam set up we used to capture all angles of the live sets

The event was a great success raising over £1100 for 2 wonderful charities.

Recent Broadcasts – The Living Zoom Olympics

Living Zoom Olympics is another event where we have assisted with advanced graphics, overlays and directing assistance to the very talented Charlie Partridge who created the show to entertain during the lockdown.

Such crazy antics can be seen below in the incredibly professional sport of Foot Long Sub!

For event details, see the Living Zoom Olympics Facebook!

Recent Broadcasts – Famous First Words

As mentioned earlier, the brilliantly addictive music extravaganza that is Famous First Words was back, this time on the small screens of living rooms across the nation which Tim and Gendle adapted perfectly with the help of our director, Francis.

The show played host to over a 100 people on the first week excited to test their musical knowledge and beat the other contestants to win the coveted FFW Bronze (looking) trophy!

Recent Broadcasts – CALM Homerun 10k

The CALM Homerun was a take on their frequent 10k events that they host across the country to raise awareness and money for the charities vital work.
Not being beaten by Lockdown, the hosts took to the online world to conduct a brilliantly entertaining mornings 10k run, live from living rooms and gardens around the country!
The charity’s ambassadors and supporters were all on too, offering support, mindfulness and general cheer to all the runners, some of whom were doing laps around the sofa!

BGLX assisted in the direction of the Zoom meeting, which hosted all the celebrities and hosts and then streamed directly to YouTube to the wider audiences. Performing vital background support to the meeting and the stream to ensure all went smoothly.

See the action below!

Whether it’s a gig, brand launch or fundraising event, we have the ability to help you produce a professional and accessible broadcast.

Get in touch now to discuss your upcoming broadcast plans.

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