Arcadis Deep Orange

Arcadis Deep Orange

Arcadis Deep Orange: Design Thinking Experiment comes to Manchester’s, Old Granada Studios.

BGLX were tasked with creating 5 identical pods for Arcadis event, Deep Orange, a design thinking experiment where 60 of the greatest minds come together to fix a problem that a global company may have.

Sparkle Street Events based at OGS were in charge of pulling the event together, Susannah, briefed BGLX that last year the delegates lacked natural light and found it hard to concentrate, we suggested that the lighting inside the pods could change throughout the day, to mimic the suns progression across our sky, with a warming and comforting CTO in the morning, to a bright and cool midday, and then across to an airy and fresh afternoon, before rolling into the evening. The solution required using a fixture capable of a wide dispersion, powerful and flexible.

The SGM P5 fit the bill brilliantly. With the 43degree lens selected, we were able to bounce light around the white domes, so there was a nice even wash, and no direct light shining into peoples eyes. With a City Theatrical Show Baby on each dome, we were able to control all the domes from a central point, meaning that if any of the teams had any requests, we could select their dome and correct the lighting.

Also on the requests was a large conference space, where the organisers could brief the teams ahead of each day, provide motivational work shops and even afternoon exercise like Salsa and Yoga.

The Kit List

Arcadis Deep Orange

Here is a look at last years video. We are excited to see the 2017 one!



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