Investment in Sennhiser Radio Microphones

Audio Update

BGLX have taken the decision to increase its audio department with an investment in Sennhiser Radio Microphones. The G3 EW100 series system is perfect for corporate, theatre and rock and roll, with hand held microphones and belt packs,

In a handy and compact four way rack, complete with RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna, and custom CNC draw insert, the rack is a great solution for all of our corporate clients. With two hand held mics and two belt packs in each rack, but with the flexibility to use four hand held mics, or four belt packs per rack.


Get in touch today to enquire about hire of radio mics, as well as our wide range of d&b audio.



BGLX Sennhiser Radio Microphones

Sennhiser RF Investment by BGLX

BGLX Sennhiser Radio Microphones

Out on the first event, Babyliss Pro Tour.

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